Our Strategy

The healthcare environment is rapidly changing, primarily driven by the prohibitive cost of medical interventions,

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Our Operations

Go Life has progressed to a company incorporating the following divisions: Go Life Biotech –

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Internal Control The directors will conduct an annual review of the Company's internal controls, and

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Corporate Governance

The directors of Go Life International endorse the Mauritian Code of Corporate Governance and recognize

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About Us

The Company prides itself on its focus on product quality, safety and customer care and satisfaction.

The Company was incorporated on 01 October 2010 as a public company limited by shares under the Mauritian Companies Act and holds a Category 1 Global Business License (C110009034) issued by the Mauritius FSC. Go Life International Ltd successfully listed on the AltX of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) on 23 November 2016. The Company is registered as an external company in South Africa under Registration Number 2016/465069/10. Go Life was established to leverage the strength of existing South African nutraceutical companies. Go Life Health Products and Gotha Health Products (collectively Go Life SA), and to drive the presence of the South African products and brands across the global nutraceutical market. Gotha Health Products was launched in 2005 to market nutraceutical products originally developed by Gotha Pharmaceuticals.During 2016, Go Life International increased its shareholding in Go Life Health Products from 22% (directly held) to 100% (78% indirectly held through its

    Go Life established to achieve the following aims:

  • Reinforce successes achieved by Go Life SA
  • Launch Go Life brand and products into global nutraceutical market
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