Shop 10A & 10B, Woodmill Lane Centre, Knysna, 6571

Go Life International has indirectly acquired an associate interest in all the frail care centres of Bon Health as well s a 100% interest in Bon Health Properties. This acquisition has been designed to bolster the Balance sheet of the company which now reflects assets in the form of fixed property valued at more than R90 000 000 which is equivalent to 25% of the market cap of the company.

At present, Bon Health Frail Care operates four frail care centres. Bon Health has been a leading frail care operator in the Western Cape since 2004 and is in the process of securing additional retirement and frail care developments in the Southern Cape. Bon Health Frail Care has been invited to take over the management of third party frail care facilities, both established and in the design phase. Direct access to these frail care centres will provide Go Life International with the opportunity to introduce and sell products to the residents.

The 51% interest in Bon Health Frail Care will be retained by Calitz Trust, the existing operator of the frail care clinics for the last 12 years, who will continue to be responsible for the frail care operations.