Corporate Governance

The directors of Go Life International endorse the Mauritian Code of Corporate Governance and recognize their responsibility to conduct the affairs of Go Life International with integrity and accountability in accordance with generally accepted corporate practices. This includes timely, relevant and meaningful reporting to its shareholders and other stakeholders, providing a proper and objective perspective of Go Life International.


The Board

The Board of directors shall meet quarterly and disclose the number of meeting held each year in its annual report, together with the attendance at such meetings. A formal record shall be kept of all conclusions reached by the Board on matters referred to for discussion. Should the Board require independent professional advice; procedures have been put in place by the Board for such advice to be sought at the Company’s expense.

All directors have access to the advice and services of Company Secretary, which fulfills the role of Company Secretary. The Board is of the opinion that the Company Secretary has the requisite attributes, experience and qualifications of Company Secretary, as well as the fact that Company Secretary is familiar with the Company and its recent restructuring. The appointment or dismissal of the Company Secretary shall be decided by the Board as a whole and not one individual director.

Directors are expects to maintain their independence when deciding on matters relating to strategy, performance, resources and standards of conduct. On first appointment, all directors will be expected to undergo appropriate training as the Company’s business, strategic plans and objectives, and other relevant laws and regulations. This will be performed on an on-going basis to ensure that directors remain abreast of changes in regulations and the commercial environment.

The Board is responsible for relations with stakeholders, as well as being accountable to them for the performance of the Company, and reporting thereon in a timely and transparent manner.

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

The offices of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer are to be fulfilled by two different persons, in order to ensure a balance of power and authority so that no one person has unfettered decision making powers. The roles of Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer are therefore separated, with the Chairperson being an independent non-executive director. Mr Yusuf Sooklall is the Chairman of Go Life International while Mr Gerhard Naudé is the Chief Executive Officer.

Board Balance

The Board includes both executive and non-executive directors in order to maintain a balance of power and ensure independent unbiased decisions and that non one individual has unfettered powers of decision-making. The Board of directors of Go Life International consists of five members, 2 of whom are independent non-executives. 

Supply information

The Board will meet on a regular basis where possible, but at a minimum of every three months. The directors will be properly briefed in respect of special business prior to Board meetings and information will be provided timeously to enable them to give full consideration to all the issues being dealt with. 

Furthermore, management shall supply the Board with the relevant information needed to fulfill its duties. Directors shall make further inquiries where necessary, and thus shall have unrestricted access to all Company information, records, documents and property. Not only will the Board look at the quantitative performance of the Company, but also at issues such as customer satisfaction, market share, environmental performance and other relevant issues. The Chairman must ensure that all directors are adequately briefed prior to Board meetings. 

Delegation of duties

Directors have the authority to delegate certain of their duties, either externally or internally, in order that they perform their duties fully. The Chief Executive Officer shall review these delegations and report on this to the Board. 

Appointments to the Board

Any member of the Board can nominate a new appointment to the Board, which will be considered at a Board meeting. The nominated director’s expertise and experience will be considered by the Board as well as any needs of the Board in considering such appointment. In accordance with the AltX Listings Requirements, a nomination committee is not required and the size of the Company does not warrant the establishment of a nomination committee. The Board currently does not have a policy on promotion of gender diversity and will establish a gender promotion policy after the listing on the AltX. 

A general meeting of the directors shall have the power from time to time to appoint anyone as a director, either to fill a vacancy, or as an additional director. The Company’s Constitution does not provide a maximum number of directors. Any interim appointments will be subject to approval at the Company’s next general or annual general meeting. 

Directors’ Remuneration

Remuneration policy

Go Life International did not have a remuneration committee for the past year and this is not an AltX requirement. The remuneration policy provides for the payment of market related salaries as well as providing for the executive directors to participate in a discretionary 13th cheque, subject to performance incentives. 

Service contracts and compensation

Go Life International has no service contracts with its executive directors. Non-executive directors are not subject to retirement by rotation. In accordance with the Constitution, the Company may, from time to time, by resolutions of directors or by resolutions by shareholders, appoint new or additional directors on such terms as it may determine. A director may be removed from office with cause by a resolution of directors. Unless otherwise provided by law, the shareholders shall have the power, by way of a resolution passed at a members meeting, to remove any director before the expiry of his period of office subject, however, to the right of any such director to claim damages under any contract. 

Accountability and audit


The company is duly incorporated in Mauritius and operates in conformity with its Constitution and all laws of Mauritius. 

Financial reporting

The Board is responsible for the Group’s systems of internal financial and operational control, as well as for maintaining an appropriate relationship with the Company’s auditors. The Board is responsible for presenting a balanced and understandable assessment of the Company’s financial position with respect to all financial and price sensitive reports on the Company.

Internal control

The directors will conduct an annual review of the Company’s internal controls, and report their findings to shareholders. This review will cover financial, operational and compliance controls, as well as a review of the risk management policies and procedures of the company. As the company grows in size, an internal audit committee will be established in accordance with the Mauritian Code of Governance.