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These companies offer a unique patented range of scientifically designed natural products created by a team of dedicated medical Doctors and Scientists.

Go Life Healthcare and Gotha Health Products has been participating in the nutraceutical industry, one of the fastest growing industries in the world since 2005 when Gotha Health Products was launched to market nutraceutical products originally developed by Gotha Pharmaceuticals, which holds the patents and formulations.

Go Life Healthcare and Gotha Health Products hold the exclusive rights to distribute the product range in South Africa and the rest of the world. The products manufactured by Gotha Pharmaceuticals are natural and have been specifically developed to meet the evolving healthcare needs of modern society. Comprehensive medical research has been conducted on the products of Gotha Health Products and their ingredients.

All products are manufactured to strict GMP standards and have been registered with the MCC in South Africa. Gotha Health Products historically concentrated on marketing and distributing its products to the ethnic black market in South Africa, with the majority of its marketing and 80% of its sales originating in the Eastern Cape, a traditionally lower-income area.

In late 2007, Gotha Health Products was approached with a proposal to launch its products under a second, more contemporary brand able to extend product reach throughout South Africa. The Go Life brand was thus launched in June 2008 with the primary long term goal of becoming the market standard in the non-prescription pharmaceutical market, in South Africa and globally. However, the Gotha brand will also be retained as a recognised brand in South Africa and will also be marketed into the rest of Africa.

The Go Life product range proved to be well suited to the broad South African retail environment. Go Life International is in advanced negotiations to conclude shelf space agreements with one of the main retail chain stores in South Africa, as well as individual pharmacies in most major towns and cities.

Go Life International products success stories are founded on patented technologies, products, ingredients and proprietary formulas held by Go Life Healthcare. These have been researched and developed over many years by dedicated teams of renowned scientists and practitioners in the medical and pharmaceutical industries in South Africa. Go Life International’s product range is based on a combination of selected vitamins, co-factors and minerals, as well as specific natural ingredients.

The most successful health products are used to assist in the treatment of metabolic diseases, e.g. chronic inflammation, cardiovascular disease, support in the treatment of cancer, treatment of stress-related problems, cognitive disorders, weight reduction, sensual deficiencies and skin disorders such as inflammation, scars, cellulite and wrinkles.

The proprietary technology base allows the group to expedite the formulation or creation of novel products to extend current product lines and broaden the product base to meet customer demands. Additionally, the unique natural plant based extracts formulated into the products, for example South African and Peruvian/Indian herbs and plant extracts, affords the group a unique marketing advantage. Production methods are validated and continuously audited by regulatory authorities and comply with the highest standards such as current GMP. Go Life International’s products are also registered with the MCC.

Consumers have come to trust the Gotha Health Products and Go Life Healthcare brands. The quality, effectiveness and pricing ensure that a lasting relationship is formed with the consumer and this will be carried across to new global markets. Consumers have indicated a willingness to refer the products to friends and family members and this is expected to increase the footprint in addition to traditional marketing techniques.

Go Life Healthcare and Gotha Health Products have a proven track record in remedying certain ailments, with thousands of testimonials from satisfied customers to support these claims. The middle to upper class markets (Living Standards Measure – LSM 5-11) have over the last ten years become very open to natural products, vitamins and mineral supplements. This can be directly linked to the sudden accessibility of information on health through the media and the Internet during this period.

While roughly 72% of South Africa’s African population use natural medicines for primary healthcare, selections of these herbs have only been packaged and sold in retail outlets relatively recently. The organic and health products industry has thus grown extensively over the last ten years. Equally, over this period, natural products have evolved from servicing market segments to be considered a viable choice for mass market consumers wishing to improve their quality of life and levels of vitality.

In line with movements across the global economy, the complementary medicines market is continuing to expand in South Africa. The market is currently worth R2.5 billion per year, and is growing at a steady annual pace of 12% to 15%.