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Go Life’s marketing strategy is focuses on the value that is provided through the excellence of its products. The nutraceutical markets including supplementary medicines, across the globe are adapting an integrated approach to natural health, actively giving effect “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

South Africa has a known reputation in the world health market as the country which is home to natural remedies such as Redbush tea, Aloe Ferox, Hoodia and Leonotis Oxymfolio. On the local market, the Gotha Health Product range (a wholly owned Go Life brand) has exceptional following in the Eastern Cape.

Built on the success of a factory shop in Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape), Go Life SA will proceed to grow the South African market, using the Gotha Health brand. This popular range of products is introduced to the rest of South Africa through Go Life Health Hubs that are warehouses located in demarcated geographical areas. These hubs, supplies and markets Gotha Health products to chain-store outlets, pharmacies and health stores as well as engage direct sales to the public.

Rest of Africa

African countries are large consumers of nutraceuticals and functional foods for both cultural and health reasons. The African market is known to be on the brink of an economic take-of. The Africa market is also known to have the highest traditional medicines usage based on natural remedies. Due to the distinct similarities with market trends in the rural South Africa, Go Life intends to selectively enter the African markets, utilising the same strategy that is so effective in South Africa.

The European market represents a more mature market, in that it is driven by high levels of innovation and is governed by stringent regulations. France, Italy and Germany are known to represent the leading markets in Europe.

The European market is known to have an increased awareness of health issues, and reflects an appetite for natural remedies, especially out of Africa.

Apart from the low price segment presented in most grocery chains, products offering certain health claims are clearly the future key drivers. Products that falls into the high quality and high price range are predominantly sold via pharmacies and the internet. Go Life has established a sound consumer base in Europe through negotiations with the ALDI group. The products are mainly sold by pharmacies, therapists and via the internet.

The nutraceutical market in Asia, by lengths exceeds the American and European markets. It is known that health awareness is a focal point in educating the population. This trend is prevalent in China, India and Japan.

In many Asian markets, such as China, Western products enjoy a high reputation and are preferred over the untested local products, despite their elevated price structure.

Due to the complexity of these markets and as a first step, Go Life has decided to enter these markets in partnership agreements. Contacts have already been established with South Korean vendors, who are interested in introducing our products to their markets.  Go Life will generate income by supply of products, information and education.

Self-medication in an integrated health approach is very prominent in the enormous North American market, especially with trusted and researched nutraceutical products.

The massive North American online mail-order marketplace will be employed to introduce the Go Life product range to the USA. In this way production can be calibrated in response to e-mail orders and monthly subscriptions. 

To expedite effective shipping and handling, the intent is to make use of open mail-order storefronts in the USA. The product range will then be advertised through online marketing avenues, know to be very effective in that country. Consumers will be able to voice their opinions and satisfaction through Web blogs and Facebook (and other similar channels) and receive product information and updates on studies via the same route.