Our Operations

Go Life has progressed to a company incorporating the following divisions:

Go Life Biotech – The Go Life Biotech division is tasked to research, develop and source excellent quality medical materials and manufacture class-leading medicinal remedies.

Stem-cell technology is poised to become the next generation solution to a variety of ailments and enjoys the highest investment pertaining clinical trails across the globe. Go Life intends to participate in the global impulse to exploit the possibilities offered in Stem-cell technology in this regard.

Medicinal Cannabis is proven to be an excellent medicinal healer. In countries where it is legitimate, Go Life endeavors to be at the forefront of understanding the pharmaceutical value of Cannabis.

Go Life Healthcare – Although a more holistic approach to the market is core to the Go Life strategy, it does not inhibit our scientists to pursue innovation and excellence in the field of natural and alternative medication. Go Life Healthcare owns remarkable wellness brands which is delivered to the market through various sales channels.

Through its partnerships with trusted International providers of generic medicines, Go Life is able to offer the market cost-effective generic medicines among others, ARV and other dreaded disease treatments.

Cryo-Save – The amount of diseases that are treatable through stem cell technology has radically increased over the last decade. Go Life through the Cryo-Save Stem Cell Bank, endeavors to become recognised as a global participant in the excellence of storing cord blood and tissue as well as adult stem cells.

Go Life Hospicare – Consistent with its strategy, Go Life rates end of life and frail care as paramount in its service delivery to the market. Go Life is involved in the frail care industry through its 49% holding in BonHealth services which provides frail care in 5 fully owned frail care facilities.

Go Life intends to expand this offering through participation in community clinics, pharmacies and hospitals in partnership with investors and joint ventures. .