Our Strategy

The healthcare environment is rapidly changing, primarily driven by the prohibitive cost of medical interventions, procedures and products. During a seminar hosted by the Healthcare Compliance Association in America (April 2017), the following “change focus areas” were identified:

Everywhere Care – shifting the spectrum of care from hospitals to more accessible lower-cost sites and community care centres.

Personalized Care – shifting medical and medicinal offerings from mass generalisation to mass customization and precision.

Wellness & Preventative Care – shifting disease management from a reactive strategy to a preventative approach. In the Go Life strategy, traditional medicines are acknowledged and incorporated in our offering.

Ageing, Chronic & End-of-Life Care – shifting the focus from institution-based ageing and care to community support ageing and care and leveraging big data and personalization as well as artificial intelligence to manage chronic conditions.

Go Life has incorporated the views expressed above in our business strategy and has already taken corrective steps in that direction.