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Gerhard Naude

CEO – Go Life International

It is said that there is a relatively small segment of leaders in the business world; individuals who are able to build relationships based on trust and then are able to broker such relationships by making connections between people and creating lasting partnerships and alliances. Gerhard is one of these people that can drive results through collaboration, partnerships and relationships. Recognized as a high-potential executive a a young age, his corporate career took flight with Metropolitan Life Ltd in 1984, where he distinguished himself with drive and leadership skills. Promoted three times in his eight-year tenure, he was appointed as Regional HR Manager in 1989. In 1996, Gerhard co-founded Money Wise Holdings Ltd, a national micro financing service provider that rapidly expanded to 320 Franchise outlets within two years. Gerhard was appointed Managing Director and spearheaded the listing of Money Wise Holdings Ltd on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in 1998. In 1999 Gerhard’s visionary management of Money Wise was honored with a prestigious Chamber of Commerce Businessman of the Year Award. Gerhard’s vision provided him with he foresight that South Africans were rapidly becoming over indebted and as a result his career took another leap forward in 2001 when he founded Keystone Financial Solutions. In addition to managing Keystone and with the introduction of the new National Credit Act in 2008, he proposed and co-founded a national payment and distribution system to the South African National Credit Regulator and was subsequently awarded the contract as one of only three approved payment and distribution agencies in South Africa. Realizing the potential of nutraceutical products in a global market and being pioneering, fiscally conscious and goal-driven by nature, Gerhard founded Go Life Health Products in 2007. With an intrinsic flair for innovation and shareholder returns he was able to achieve the establishment of Go Life international in Mauritius and the subsequent listing of a cell of this company on 7 July 2011. Notwithstanding his other entrepreneurial commitments, he is still the driving force behind the growth of this company through building long-lasting and loyal relationships.

In 2012, identifying the need for International Business Structures, Gerhard co-founded Vertex Global Wealth Ltd, a Mauritian Financial services company.

CEO - Go Life Group